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Some commentators say that the "trilogy of immigration" of Hong Kong families in the past- moving children , moving money, and emigrating , was integrated under the change of the BNO policy. To move a child (female), of course, is to find a good school; as for moving money, it is to buy a flat, so should I buy a first-hand or second-hand one?

I know that many Hong Kong people like new buildings because they are "great enough to be new". It is undeniable that first-hand buildings have a certain degree of attractiveness and usually have a ten-year maintenance period. Buyers do not need to invest extra money and energy to rebuild. Renovate, buy and live immediately. In the UK, many first-hand properties have the help of Help to Buy Scheme or Shared Ownership to assist first-time home buyers to find comfort.

However, most first-hand buildings are flat, the space is smaller than the house, and a premium must be paid . Leasehold is more of the ownership , which is one of the factors that buyers need to consider. Of course, some new buildings are freehold, but they are usually outside the city center.

As for the closer to the city center, the more luxurious apartments, with modern and gorgeous decoration, allowing buyers and tenants to move in at any time. The quality and price of newly-built houses vary. Some small developers specialize in transforming existing commercial buildings, such as office buildings, into residential apartments. This is a new trend in the epidemic.

As for second-hand buildings, I certainly found that old buildings were troublesome to repair, leaking and depreciated. If you use a general Hong Kong-style thinking, it is certainly not as good as first-hand buildings. However, they are the favorite of many British people. There is no other reason. Investment is nothing more than a measure of value. The ownership of second-hand buildings is mostly Freehold, and most of them have gardens. Buyers become landlords/landlords after they buy them. They have owned the property for 999 years, and they cannot maintain value. problem. And second-hand buildings have great potential for appreciation, because the land and buildings belong to their own, and they have absolute freedom of reconstruction. The most common one is loft conversions to create more space.

In addition to the attic, the garden is also a choice for many people to remodel-it may be to add a glass conservatory or expand the living room, so that there is more space to design and decorate according to their own taste. I myself like to have a sense of history, with stained glass windows and fireplaces, which bring a different feeling to modern homes.

Most of the recent drastic policies of the British government are aimed at House. For example, Boris Johnson mentioned the " once in a generation " ( once in a generation ) planning adjustment reform, and the Housing Minister Robert Jenrick introduced the policy of upward development and two floors . Although it has been criticized for affecting the urban landscape and appearance, from the perspective of investors, it is a choice for value preservation and appreciation.

The United Kingdom is a country with a long history, and many old buildings are also on the protection list. Before carrying out any large-scale engineering, modification or expansion, you must ask whether it is allowed or not, so as not to run into the dust.

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