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One of the most famous features of British education is the boarding system. Hogwarts, the school of the famous novel Harry Potter, is also a boarding school, only in the wizarding world.

In the circles of the British disciplinary forces, diplomats, and international companies, even if the parents are in the UK, they will choose to send their children to boarding schools. This will help parents cope with their daily busy lives, and secondly, they can also allow their children to stay in boarding. It is very common to thrive in the environment.

Haberdasher's Adams is one of the government boarding schools.

But when it comes to boarding schools, many people have the word "expensive" in their minds. But if it is only around 10,000 pounds per year, will it become attractive?

Among the government schools in the UK, there are state boarding schools. They are funded by the government and do not charge tuition fees, only boarding fees, so the expenditure is relatively cheap, usually 10,000 to 16 thousand. Thousands of pounds a year is much cheaper than private boarding schools.

Of course, private boarding schools generally have more budgets, financial resources are more abundant, and school facilities are more diverse. However, government boarding schools are not left by them. Especially when parents have to pay boarding fees instead of tuition fees, it is definitely a good economic choice.

However, most students in government boarding schools are actually day students, but they participate in extracurricular activities with other students, which can be understood as "a boarding experience minus the bed".

As for the application requirements, as with other government schools, students can apply for admission as long as they are British citizens, EU passport holders, or people with residency rights in the UK. In other words, under the latest "BNO 5+1" policy, Hong Kong students can also apply for admission.

Similar to private boarding schools, some government boarding schools have fierce academic competition and some are single-sex schools. However, students are usually selected strictly through interviews to ensure that they can adapt to boarding life. Some boarding schools have achieved outstanding results in extracurricular activities, including rugby, football, wrestling, tennis, swimming, skiing, martial arts and other national representatives; in addition, there are also a wealth of extracurricular activities such as drama, dance, performing arts and Music and so on, and more.

Some government boarding schools are grammar schools, which means that students need to take entrance exams and decide whether to enter or not based on their scores. Because they are both boarding and grammar schools with excellent grades, competition is often fierce.

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